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Application Security Program Consulting

Complete DevSecOps Automation

Custodela can assist your organization to remove the burden of code scanning and issue elucidation from your development and application security professionals, and allows them to focus on what matters. The key to a successful agile program is a mature automated DevOps program, and the key to integrating security into your agile program is by integrating Application Security platforms directly into almost every step your existing DevOps life cycle with continuous automation and developer feedback. Custodela can work with your security and development professionals to build a program application security program from the ground up, or help you significantly mature your existing one. Our methodology combines automation with continous development and management feedback to ensure issues are communicated and tracked properly.


Automated code build with automated dynamic and static code scanning.

Issue Management

Automic issue creation, code-line focused issue descriptions, and issue focused developer education

Continous Feedback

Automatically closed remediated issues. Provide reporting on compliance status and risk overviews to agile team leads and management.
DevSecOps From Scratch

Custodela can build a complete on premises solution and build custom processes to launch your Application Security program from Software Assurance Maturity level zero to three.

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Static Application Security (SAST) are technologies that analyze application source code and compiled binary code for insecure development practices and logic flaws that can lead to severe application security vulnerabilities. Static Application Security technologies are designed to run on non-running code, and can provide better insight to the cause of flaws to developers than traditional online scanning can.


Dynamic Application Security (DAST) are technologies that are executed against running applications to probe and analyze responses to look for specific conditions that indicate application inputs and outputs are susceptible to common vulnerabilities. Dynamic Application Security scans can provide better context as to which inputs are vulnerable and the direct user impact of the vulnerability, but will not translate directly to where in the code the flaw exists.

Bug Tracking

Bug tracking applications are a live repository of issues assigned to developers and the status of each issue. Bug tracking applications are the best way to interface with developers as well as leadership to report, manage, and track application security vulnerabilities that exist in the environment.


A wiki is a web application that provides collaborative documentation that is easy to modify. Developers are not traditionally application security experts, and utilizing wikis for security documentation and remediation for application security issues is and development best practices can to assist with closing the knowledge gap required for rapid resolution, while cultivating security minded developers in an organization.

Robotic Automation

A mature agile application security program has a lot of moving parts. Manually conducting scans, reviewing results, creating reports, communicating reports, and dealing with remediation validation can take a significant amount of time, and severely limits the number of applications that can be managed by a team. Robotic Automation programmatically automates and tracks repetitive tasks, allowing for rapid continuous integration and developer feedback.

Code Repository

Having centralized source code management is a key component to any organizations DevOps strategy, and having the ability to integrate your DevSecOps program into the existing repositories that your developers use is key to providing continuous integration, feedback, and accurate reporting.

DevSecOps Program Maturity

Custodela can evaluate your current Application Security Program, build automation, and augment your processes to bring them to a higher level of maturity. Our automation is custom, so we can work with the majority of internal existing systems, and assist with replacements for legacy systems where automation is not feasible.

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