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Custodela Application Security
Program Consulting

Is your Application Security Program keeping pace?

Most organizations have to choose between accepting significant risk by skipping application security validation steps, perform tests on deprecated code,

or grind agile development teams to a stand still. Custodela can integrate and automate industry best application security validation into your existing devops systems and processes, or augment your organization with our own.

Dynamic Application Security Testing

Integration of automated application build and deployment processes into static and dynamic application security testing and validation tools. Testing is fully automated and conducted regularly against your latest development builds.

Developer Issue Management

Automatic creation of descriptive application security issues into existing development bug tracking and reporting tools, integrating application security directly into your agile processes. Developers are informed quickly when they introduce security logic flaws. Developer fixes are automatically validated and marked resolved without intervention of an application security professional.

Continuous Developer Education

Developers are not traditionally application security experts. When issues are created documentation is made available to assist with closing the knowledge gap required for rapid resolution, while cultivating security minded developers in your organization.